About Laura Intrinsic Group Bio

Laura S. Wittcoff, DSW, LICSW


Laura is a gifted organization development and strategic change collaborator. She is adept at assessing situations and motivating others to think and move forward to create solutions that work because they engage, build momentum and enable organizations to thrive. Laura is able to decipher patterns in complex environments and this fuels the work she does with both businesses and government organizations. Laura encourages clients to think differently building leadership and managerial capacity to meet current environmental and system challenges. Laura thrives in ambiguous situations where goals, motives, and mindsets are unclear. She is able to see a path through the ambiguity which focuses on client strengths while recognizing and working with existing challenges. Laura’s current passion is to collaborate with non-profit organizations on developing creative brand strategy broadening their client and donor reach greatly improving long-term sustainability.

Clients include departments of public health, state commissions, branding and marketing firms, various international NGOs, and small to mid-size businesses and non-profit organizations.

In addition to being a principal of Intrinsic Group, Laura also teaches as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work and formerly taught at Suffolk University Sawyer Business School. Laura is also currently working as a senior partner in learning and development with Upper Diamond. Laura has presented at various conferences and presented and moderated at the Harvard University Extension School Business Conference. Laura previously served as the Associate Director for JRI Health’s Realize Resources, a capacity and leadership building practice. In this role, she designed and directed all areas of organization development, focusing particularly in areas of strategic planning and change management where she values building and coaching internal teams to lead change efforts.

Prior to consulting, Laura was the Director of Training and Development for Surgency, Inc. a management consulting firm where she acted as an internal consultant in the Human Resources division. For Health Resources, Inc., She worked as an employee assistance program account manager and then as the Manager of Training and Development. Laura has also worked as a psychotherapist providing counseling for individuals, couples and families.

Laura received her doctorate from the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, her master’s degree in Social Work from Boston University, and a post-graduate fellowship in Organization Development from the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy. She is also certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type indicator. Laura was a key contributor to the team that was awarded the Brandon Hall award.

Laura was recently honored as recipient of the Jane Addams Award.

Intrinsic Group About Jodi Detjen

Jodi E. Detjen, MA

Senior Consultant

Jodi brings her depth of theory and practice to each of her client engagements. She co-authored The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life in May 2013. She now focuses on consulting and leadership development on these principles. Jodi also works with organizations to leverage their existing processes to maximize performance and long-term impact.

Jodi has been helping develop leaders and their organizations for over 25 years. She teaches, consults and writes in areas of leadership development, systemic and organization change management, and how women can realize their power.

Jodi teaches management at the MBA, Undergraduate and Corporate Education levels both online, in the classroom and internationally. Jodi teaches the way adults learn through interaction and application of the concepts.

Prior to teaching and independent consulting, Jodi was an international management consultant based in London, England working with Global 1000 clients. Jodi focused on redesigning operations thereby realizing significant financial benefits. Her MA in International Development Policy is from Duke University and her B.Sc., from Virginia Tech in Management Science.

About Kenda Intrinsic Group

Kenda Woolfson, MSW


Kenda brings her high intelligence and creative spirit to every project. Kenda’s love of reading and writing creates a strong foundation for effective communication benefiting her team and her organizational clients. Kenda graduated from USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work with a strong background in public relations and marketing strategy. Kenda’s academic focus is on community, organization and business innovations. Kenda has over five years of experience as a writer and editor with a variety of organizations, focusing much of this work on policies and procedures, fund development and campaigns. Since graduating with her BA from Occidental College, Kenda has been deeply involved as an activist for policy reform pertaining to sexual violence on college campuses and has spoken out against the mishandling of cases on a national level. Kenda is fascinated by the merging of for-profit businesses and non-profit missions through corporate social responsibility programs.

Intrinsic Group About Max

Max LaZebnik, BFA

Web and Graphic Designer

Born in Los Angeles to two writers, Max was immersed in the entertainment industry at a young age. Max's interest in art and design started when he was 3 years old, habitually drawing with crayons and playing with felt colored puzzle pieces and letters. He took his first drawing and art classes at seven years old, which made Max the passionate artist he is today. When Max was 13 in 2004, the internet had become a big phenomenon and he found himself interested in building websites. Max continued taking art and fine drawing classes in high school, and also started teaching himself basic Web Design. He then moved over 3000 miles away to Champlain College in the scenic, snowy Vermont. Max intended to major in Web Development at Champlain, but switched to major in Graphic Design instead. He took Web Design courses within the Graphic Design major and quickly fell in love with that field. Since January 2015, Max has been working as a Web Designer and has designed websites such as the one for the Intrinsic Group. Max is passionate about making every website exceptional! Check out Max's Web Design work at Max's Personal Website.

Jennifer Goldstein Headshot- The Intrinsic Group

Jennifer Goldstein, MSW


Jennifer is an experienced nonprofit professional, board member, and volunteer who brings thoughtfulness, knowledge, and strategic thinking to every project. Jennifer is passionate about strengthening nonprofits using a person-first perspective, helping to improve organizations through enhancing the effectiveness of their employees and team building. As a nonprofit professional, Jennifer has worked as a fundraiser, campaign manager, fundraising event manager for up to 1,000 attendees, volunteer manager, and community engagement manager. Jennifer currently serves as Secretary for the National Association for Social Workers – University of Southern California (NASW-USC) Unit and is on the National Advisory Committee for JDC Entwine. She received her B.S. in Business from Indiana University – Bloomington and graduated with a Master of Social Work with a focus in Social Change and Innovation at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. Jennifer is currently living in New York City.

Melissa Bernabe LinkedIn Photo

Melissa Bernabe


Melissa is a graduate student at USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. She values responsibility, structure, and quality as key components in her work and continues to deepen those values in her current practice. She has experience in both direct-client care and large systems. Her background in direct-client care is within the realm of public healthcare, specifically, HIV care and prevention, family planning, and substance misuse. Her macro social work experience includes program development and implementation, training and building collaborations through her work with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and FQHC’s (Federally Qualified Health Centers) throughout Los Angeles county. Melissa’s passion is to collaborate with organizations to develop change in an integral and inventive way. She is set to graduate with an MSW in May 2020.

Eliot Dreiband Photo

Eliot Rose Dreiband


Eliot Rose Dreiband works at the intersection of passion,purpose, and profit. Veering off the path from her family of artists, writers, and filmmakers; Eliot uses her love of storytelling to design campaigns that maximize social impact. A strong communicator, Eliot has a knack for turning complex problems and key data points into crisp language and effective campaigns. Eliot has a track record of success in strategic communications, best demonstrated in her work increasing non-profit visibility and community engagement. She specializes in elevating an organization through marketing, social media, public relations, partnership development, and event production. Eliot is passionate about connecting people with opportunities to use their skills and experience to transform their communities. She recently created THIS IS HOW YOU CAN to harness the power of social media for civic engagement, connecting the everyday individual to a variety of pre-vetted, easy, and impactful ways to make meaningful and positive change. Eliot is her happiest when helping individuals, businesses, and organizations assess their skills and experience to strategize ways of making a tangible difference in the world. Recently going back to school to diversify and refine her skill set, she has gained first-hand experience in macro social work, learning program assessment and evaluation, corporate social responsibility, community organization, as well as how to best implement evidence-based social interventions. Eliot is set to graduate with a Master of Social Work, in the department of Social Change and Innovation at USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, in spring 2020.


Javier Mercado


Javier Mercado is a graduate student from USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. He has experience working with low-income communities in South LA, Boyle Heights, and East Los Angeles. At Javier's previous internships, he provided case management, consultation, and worked on special projects that included: social media marketing campaigns, fundraising, and program evaluation. Javier is now currently working on a social venture with his USC colleagues that will provide a platform for students to find free food resources on campus, named "FreeFoodUSC". The project is currently in its development phase, and his team is comprised of talented computer engineers and a communications expert. Javier is extremely passionate about the arts, specifically music production, and currently practices his craft when time allows. Additionally, Javier is working on a project to bring music production labs to low-income communities. He strongly believes the creative arts are critical to the development of today's youth. Javier is set to graduate with a Master of Social Work in May 2020. Javier is also a skilled composer. His instrumentals are available to listen to at: https://soundcloud.com/syntheticbits.