Learning Something New….

By October 23, 2015 April 11th, 2020 Organizational Story
Intrinsic Group Learning Something New

No matter how much we age, no matter how much experience we have, no matter how expert we feel in some ways, there is always room to grow and learn.  In fact, growing and learning keeps us fresh, engaged, new, challenged and research says, reduces the signs of aging.  This blog post is my attempt at learning how to edit and manage our website.  It’s frustrating and fabulous to enter Kindergarten all over again – and to be open to making mistakes, taking chances, falling down, skinning my knees knowing that you will forgive me or more importantly, I will forgive myself.

My teacher who is the age of one of my children says, “You have to learn your way around, experiment…there are few things that cannot be fixed.” Thank you Max!  You’re an awesome guide in the world of technology.  I am sure this will be the first of many attempts that will need your hand to make happen….

Join me in Kindergarten and share a story you might have in trying something new, challenging yourself in our world of connection – organizations are about what people can do together – in person, virtually-  by communicating is so many ways.  Sharing your experience with trying something new may inspire someone who is on the fence and doesn’t want to be embarrassed by a failed try…if you don’t have a try, you can’t have a win…

What are you waiting for?  I’m doing it!