New Service Area: Launching Intrinsic Value©

By November 18, 2016 April 11th, 2020 Organizational Story

How Intrinsic Value© aligns with why we named ourselves The Intrinsic Group

The heart of The Intrinsic Group is a commitment to our clients, meaning our goal is to work collaboratively to bring their vision to life.  We believe that the value and impact of learning collaboratively becomes ingrained as a new way of doing business – that is, being open to doing things differently and integrating new ways of learning systemically so that they become Intrinsic.

We have the privilege of working with a variety of clients from various industries and backgrounds, and what we have found invariably drives success is intense passion coupled with being open to fresh perspectives.  In this way, we don’t differ from our clients.  It is The Intrinsic Group’s passion to serve our clients that have guided the development of our most recent service area, Intrinsic Value©.  We believe that every 501c3 non-profit organization should be part of the competitive landscape, and one way to ensure this is for non-profits to engage in brand strategy in order to effectively serve more clients and reach more donors.

For-profit organizations have long recognized the importance of branding and the ability to market brand for growth and sustainability. Without a platform and strategy to promote products and/or services, staying in business becomes less and less viable.  For-profits bank on the connection between branding and return on investment (ROI). Non-profits recognize this same connection although their ROI is based not solely on financial gain, but also on client outreach and retention as well as building a strong, recurring donor base and network.

Most non-profits do not have the flexibility in their funding streams to invest in branding and marketing.  They are busy providing needed goods and services, as the majority of their funding is earmarked for direct services. The other percentage of funding is categorized as indirect funds which most often serve  to provide basic infrastructure from which to operate.  Intrinsic Value© seeks to be the bridge between what for-profits can do and what non-profits need to do to become sustainable.

Just as The Intrinsic Group values promoting our for-profit clients’ visions, we also want our vision of equity to be contagious so that our non-profit clients may also benefit from brand strategy.  In the vein of creating equal opportunity, we have added a pay-it-forward component to each of our non-profit projects so that the equity of opportunity benefits other non-profits by providing a tangible in-kind or financial gift to a local non-profit in their community. True collaboration is simply a win-win.