We help change processes
to increase impact.

We bring clarity to the intangible. We break big picture thinking down to the essential components,
then equip the organization to use its own and external assets to execute on those components.
We offer:

Intrinsic Group Purpose Assessment

Assessment of the Challenges
and Opportunities.

Implement our methodology to determine the strengths and challenges inherent in the organization given the particular focus area. Proactively and collaboratively identify areas of change that provide value and impact.

Intrinsic Group Purpose Change Management

Change Management

Integrate the change and reduce resistance. Adapt the measurement/incentive systems to reflect the changed processes and behavior. Tie together the changes with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Intrinsic Group Purpose Thinking

Stategic Thinking

Leverage internal and external resources to understand the current state and potential future state to build strategies that favorably and sustainably impact your business.

Intrinsic Group Purpose Team Strengthening

Team strengthening and
capacity building

Build cross-functional/shared processes and skills to reduce conflict and ensure overall linkage with the strategic objectives. Strengthening a team’s ability to manage expectations.

Intrinsic Group Purpose Leadership

Leadership Development and Coaching

Build capable and motivated people and teams.

Intrinsic Group Purpose Board

Board development

Build board capacity to meet organizational challenges. Strengthen the roles and responsibilities. Enable the board to guide and advise the organization with impact.

Intrinsic Group Purpose Process

Process redesign

Tie together the re-design with the organizational strategic objectives. Adapt the measurement/incentive systems to reflect the changed processes and behavior. Embed empowerment and accountability within the design of roles and processes. Integrate collaboration throughout the process to maximize creativity, ensure all voices are heard and foster collective buy-in.

Intrinsic Group Purpose Brand

Brand Strategy

Work in tandem with our client organizations to create and integrate the brand strategy that reflects their vision, mission and values. Collaborate in telling organizational stories that reflect their deeper identity.  We offer our non-profit client organizations a discounted rate or a grant that includes a ‘pay-it-forward’ opportunity through our partnership with Landmark Equity Properties.