First-Thought Branding©

An organizational Alpha© story inspires engagement. Generating donor, volunteer curiosity, and interest are the first steps to building long-lasting relationships that benefit your organization and clients. Organizations that apply First-Thought Branding© to their communication and marketing strategy secure sustainability.

The Alpha© Story has 5 vital “A” components:

  •      Articulate the organization’s story with a collective voice
  •      Amplify by educating and spreading the word about the mission of the organization  
  •      Ally the organization by commenting on and sharing insights through social media about interesting and relevant information, stories and including competitors’ stories and events
  •      Appeal to everyone by sharing your organization’s message and building long-term donor and volunteer relationships rather than focusing on a single fundraising event or appeal
  •      Appreciate your staff, board, clients, volunteers and donors in heartfelt ways

Intrinsic Value© Opportunity

Intrinsic Value© is our way of giving back to communities by collaborating with nonprofits and organizations with a social impact to develop a media presence in order to further build their client and funding networks. We believe these organizations too often go unnoticed by the larger community, as their time and energy must be put into direct service and not on marketing.  Intrinsic Value© aims to bridge the gap between services and marketing, helping these organizations spread their mission and widen their reach.

Nonprofit organizations are often in a position where they are required to spend the majority of their funds on direct service, leaving only a small portion of funds available for indirect costs, including branding and marketing. Many nonprofits are required through contract obligations to be focused only on their target populations, resulting in little time and few resources needed for building a brand, implementing a marketing strategy, and creating a media presence. As we move further into a digital media age, the investment return of brand building results in increased number of clients, greater potential for donations, and an increased public presence, all serving to sustain the organization by increasing clients and diversifying funding sources.

The Intrinsic Group offers brand strategy consultation to nonprofits and organizations with a social impact at a modified rate. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop a brand strategy through web and print presence that aims to increase both client and donor awareness and ultimately widen their messaging reach. The inherent value of offering a discounted rate models our core value of giving back and giving forward. A condition of receiving the discounted rate is to participate in our Value Opportunity.

We offer partnerships to our corporate clients who would like to support a specific nonprofit through our Intrinsic Value© Opportunity.

Intrinsic Value© Opportunity

Each participating organizations must articulate a pay-it-forward plan that outlines either A) an in-kind offering, or B) a percentage of the revenue produced (to be jointly determined) from the brand strategy consultation, to be donated to an organization of their choosing within their community. This requirement must be fulfilled within one year of the project’s launch.  

Some examples:

A participant organization

  • took 10% of donations received during the year post the branding/marketing launch and applied them to a fundraising event of a local health clinic

  • purchased and donated toys, games that a local community center had requested

  • participated in a clean up/spruce up (painting) day for a local community park in a low resourced area. 

Interested parties please email us at