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Our approach is INTRINSIC

Intrinsic is defined as that which is deep-rooted, inherent, belonging naturally and essential. We believe that a collaborative consultative relationship with our clients drives the optimum outcome that is both intrinsically part of their being and our approach to how we work with others, resulting in solutions that become intrinsic processes that foster sustainability.

The Intrinsic Process ©

We believe that many of the answers our clients seek are inherent in asking the right questions and collaborating on developing the best way forward to maximize impact. Our methodology successfully blends the people aspect of an organization with time-tested business processes. We offer a range of consulting services: vision, mission and values work, change management, team-building, strategic planning, needs assessments, training design and delivery and more.

Gamifying Engagement ®

Gamifying Engagement® together with the tool, PLAN•GAMIFY•STUDY•ACT™ is a method and process that capitalizes on the art of engaging internal and external stakeholders in a data gathering process that leads to best decision-making. We offer workshops and individual coaching to maximize the integration of organizational knowledge and practice for current and future use. This builds the internal capacity for engaging the entire organization in strategic thinking and delivery. Feel free to download the Gamifying Engagement Workbook Workbook.

Small & Gutsy

Small & Gutsy, BIG little Social Impact Sector is a weekly podcast and passion project, with the purpose of interviewing and celebrating the impact of the $10 million and under nonprofit and social impact organizational sector by sharing their stories to help raise their visibility and extend their networks.



THE INTRINSIC PROCESS © We believe that many of the answers our clients seek are already inherent in their challenges, and in their people. Our role is to help organizations and individuals unearth those answers, then provide context and best practices to effectively leverage them. Our methodology successfully blends the people aspect of an organization with time tested business processes.

Organizational Culture & Team Building

 Leadership Takeaways

See differently

What do you see?

  • What is seen by others?
  • Who is encircled in the challenge?
  • How is the system viewed?
  • An assessment uncovers challenges and potential.


What can you learn?

  • How is the system contributing to the challenges?
  • What’s going on today: individual, team, organizational politics, and environment?
  • How is the system viewed?

THINK differently

What do you think?

  • What recommendations integrate the individual and system perspectives to meet challenges and realize opportunities?
  • Is their willingness and capacity?
  • What internal/external resources can we leverage?
  • Define solutions that are intrinsically generated.


What do you do differently?

  • How does change happen with integrity?
  • How do we know it happened?
  • How do we know it’s sustainable?
  • You consistently See, Learn, Think, Do differently.

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