John Gatto

Board Member
John Gatto is currently the Senior Vice President for Community Health, a Massachusetts-based social service agency. In this role, John oversees a range of public health programs aimed at improving health equity for marginalized individuals and communities. Areas of focus include HIV, LGBTQIA+ health, homelessness, human trafficking, community violence, workforce development and homelessness. Prior to joining JRI, John served as the Executive Director of several AIDS-service organizations in Greater Boston, and led the merger of three such organizations into one to improve efficiencies, maximizing resources and improving health outcomes. 

Beyond these roles, John created and co-led Hope Adoptions, an organization committed to compassionate, open adoption. He has lengthy clinical experience in behavioral health and substance use in a range of settings from outpatient clinics, mandated treatment centers and health centers. Beyond his work directing and delivering direct services, John has substantial experience providing capacity building and consulting services to non-profits in areas including strategic planning, team building, LGBTQIA+ focused cultural responsiveness and staff development. He currently serves on the Board of the Edinburg Center and the Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV and the MA Association of Community Health Workers. John holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Boston University.

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