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September 19, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews Sleep in Heavenly Peace

I remember putting my kids to bed at night when they were young - giving them the security and comfort of knowing that their worries should be about their little life, not the big issues of financially and emotionally supporting them, giving them a roof over their heads, food, clothes and the importance of having […]

August 15, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews The Mattering Movement

What matters to you? It's a different question than what makes you happy, according to our guest today whom I will introduce in a moment. Happiness stems from what really matters to the individual and many of us have lost our collective understanding of what matters means. But, it's not too late - there's hope […]

August 8, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews Hopeful Hearts Ministry

I try to remind myself to be hopeful in times when I feel the walls are crashing in around me, maybe because of some bad news, like anything that threatens my children, my family, my health, my livelihood, the relationships I love and care about or maybe because of the state of the country, the […]

July 18, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews Addi's Faith Foundation

In 2007, Amber and Tony Bender faced the unthinkable; they heard the words, your daughter, Addi has a brain tumor. Addi was sixteen months old and underwent with her family a year of surgeries, chemotherapy, hope and heartache and finally, the sadness of brave Addi needing to let go - I truly cannot imagine the […]

July 11, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews Creating Creators

Creating Creators Foundation is the nonprofit side of Creating Creators, LLC, the for-profit organization that partners with school districts to help guide and develop students and teachers to discover skills and talents of their own that help them define who they are to the world and by doing so, how they can contribute to an […]

June 27, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews Waves of Recovery

Imagine hanging out on the beach with friends,  the sun is beaming, the waves are crashing and totally perfect, you have a beer or maybe a margarita or maybe a vape or a joint in your hand and are ready to party‚Ķthis may seem like a typical scene for a lot of folks and, yet, […]

June 13, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews Beyond Homes

Everyone wants a home, but a home is not a home without knowing you can support yourself in it, and be empowered to be part of a community - we are, in fact, all in this together. 55 years ago, in 1968, as a response to the discriminatory inequity in jobs, housing, and other basic […]

June 6, 2023
Small & Gutsy Features Event Safety Alliance

Remember your first concert, remember the excitement, the smells, the anticipation, remember being wowed by the band, remember standing up or maybe standing on your seat  ready to join in with the crowd as a familiar cord was struck on the guitar or keyboard and sing or scream along - almost forgetting that you're an […]

April 11, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews Big Sunday

Big Sunday is the big equalizer in my book - it brings people together in service to others - I cannot imagine a greater mission.  Big Sunday was the brain child of  Founder and Executive Director, David Levinson, beginning in 1999 as a Mitzvah Day Project at his Temple  (Mitzvah meaning good deed as a […]

April 4, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews Jazz Hands for Autism

It's Autism Awareness Month! Jazz Hands For Autism, I just love the name, is a nonprofit organization that provides wrap-around artist education, development, promotion and placement for learners and aspiring artists on the autism spectrum enabling them to explore and express their talent. Services offered include: The Jazz Hands Concert Series: a semi-annual concert series […]

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