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October 11, 2022
Small & Gutsy Unexpected Episode: Megan Witt Saved My Life

Ever wonder why people come into your lives at certain times? Ever wonder in hindsight, why you neglected to trust your gut or second guessed yourself? Well, this podcast, we hope will renew your faith in whatever it is that you believe..G-D, karma, luck, spirit or power animals, humanity, faith, signs, really amazing friends, the […]

September 22, 2022
Small & Gutsy Interviews Rainforest Flow

Rainforest Flow is a nonprofit that delivers clean water, sanitation, and hygiene programs to indigenous people in Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru's Amazon rainforest.  Their collaborative, integrated, and sustainable WASH  (water,  - sanitation - health) programs empower indigenous people to become stewards of their own health, their environment and their resources which ultimately provides them […]

September 6, 2022
Small & Gutsy Interviews Points For Patriots

Points For Patriots provides the foundation for Patriot Fellows to build an athletic fundraiser in their community alongside Veteran Mentors to raise money for military families in need. AND, Along the way, Fellows and Mentors learn lifelong lessons in Wellness, Social Entrepreneurship, and Connectedness. Their long-term vision is to engage young people with Veteran mentors in […]

September 2, 2022
Small & Gutsy Features Impact Video Group

Video as a medium to share authentic stories of doing good Impact Video Group, a social impact video production company that ideates, creates, and films social impact campaigns that have a positive impact on people, the planet, and the community is Boston Tweet's Tom O'Keefe and his business partner and long-time friend, Jorgy Cruz’s latest […]

September 2, 2022
Small & Gutsy Features Dare to Dance in Public

Promoting Dance that Happens in the Public Realm   Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is devoted to the international genre of screen dance. They are committed to promoting dance that happens in the public realm & alternative sites outside of studios and off traditional stages… dance that explores place and space engages an […]

September 2, 2022
Small & Gutsy Features Cycle of Lives

David Richman's incredible journey across the U.S and much more   Our focus is on Cycle of Lives, a nonprofit started in 2013, and its inspiring project that resulted in a recently published book that David authored as a result of his 5,000-mile solo 6-week bike journey across the country, from Los Angeles to Florida […]

September 2, 2022
Small & Gutsy Interviews Breadrev

Breadrev is committed to helping people bake beautiful, healthy bread and supporting commercializing it as a way of bringing balance to the baking industry in South Africa. Their tagline is Bake it, Build it, Learn it and their 3 Bread Revs are Bread Reverence, Bread Revolution, Bread Revival. Bread Rev is the answer to socially changing […]

September 2, 2022
Small & Gutsy Features My Recovery Day

Skill-building and an Entrepreneurial Spirit Supports Recovery Having been an early and successful eBay user, Bill Tymoszczuk, AKA Bill T, discovered that eBay could be a great mechanism for making money and wanted to transfer that knowledge to support the men and women in recovery - he soon learned that technology skill-building along with an […]

September 2, 2022
Small & Gutsy Interviews EmpowHer

EmpowHer is the only gender-responsive organization in Los Angeles County that provides a social-emotional learning course during the school day in middle and high schools. Their programs serve to support girls in developing the necessary skills to boldly break ceilings, embrace their voices, engage in social justice, and end generational cycles of poverty.  

September 2, 2022
Small & Gutsy Features Beat the Streets New England

The Five "E" High Fives are Foundational to the Success of BTSNE BTSNE is a groundbreaking Regional Wrestling Powerhouse that utilizes the sport of wrestling to provide opportunities for youth to discover their full potential by building relationships within themselves, their team, and their community. BTSNE focuses on their core values, the five “E” High […]

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