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January 16, 2024
Small & Gutsy features Mountain Hazelnuts, Part 2

Check out Part 1 of this amazing Social Enterprise and learn more about them at www.mountainhazelnuts.com  

January 9, 2024
Small & Gutsy Features Mountain Hazelnuts

Episode #80, Parts I & I When you think of sustainability what comes to mind? Is it protecting the environment, proactively and effectively managing the climate for future generations to enjoy vs. using up what we have and finding other planets in which to inhabit? - The old throw away concept and let someone else […]

December 6, 2023
Small & Gutsy Features Runway4Recovery

Getting the news I have breast cancer was one of the most devastating messages I have ever received, not only for me but for my family - we are all affected by this disease in ways that many people don’t realize. I remember thinking, I am almost the same age as my grandmother when she […]

November 21, 2023
Small & Gutsy features Give Freely

What if you could financially support a nonprofit organization, doing what you personally believe contributes to making the world a better place, without actually spending even a dime? Sounds too good to be true, but this time it’s too good and very true! There is something in algorithmic data collection and internet savviness that makes […]

November 12, 2023
Small & Gutsy features Born2Lead Foundation

Leadership is a huge topic that is often so tough to define; I have read articles that state that leadership can be taught; I have read articles that say leadership is something that is just inherent in you, either you have it or you don’t; - that seems quite ominous - almost like a weeding […]

October 30, 2023
Small & Gutsy features Angel Flight West

Imagine you just heard the words, you have cancer or any other type of disease that needs treatment; I heard those words and my heart sank and my fear rose. However, I also knew that whatever medical care I needed would not be far away. I live in Los Angeles with some of the best […]

October 3, 2023
Small & Gutsy features A Sense of Home

How do you define ‘home’? - a place where you can let your hair down, be yourself, be safe, feel a sense of belonging? But what if that home were just an empty space, would you still feel the same? What if that home didn’t have your thumbprint, meaning your input on how it was […]

September 26, 2023
Small & Gutsy is INTERVIEWED by Fully Alive

THE TABLES HAVE TURNED for this Episode!! Fully Alive's Mary Meduna Gross interviewed me! I had the opportunity to share both about Small & Gutsy - its origins, and some personal details about my journey and a recent hiccup - Breast Cancer! Here are some Episode Highlights: How do you handle things when life throws […]

September 19, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews Sleep in Heavenly Peace

I remember putting my kids to bed at night when they were young - giving them the security and comfort of knowing that their worries should be about their little life, not the big issues of financially and emotionally supporting them, giving them a roof over their heads, food, clothes and the importance of having […]

August 15, 2023
Small & Gutsy Interviews The Mattering Movement

What matters to you? It's a different question than what makes you happy, according to our guest today whom I will introduce in a moment. Happiness stems from what really matters to the individual and many of us have lost our collective understanding of what matters means. But, it's not too late - there's hope […]

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