April 16, 2024

Small & Gutsy Celebrates 10 Years of Jazz Hands For Autism

About a year ago, we had a fabulous Small & Gutsy episode that featured Jazz Hands For Autism, a nonprofit organization that provides wrap-around artist education, development, promotion, and placement for learners and aspiring artists on the autism spectrum enabling them to explore and express their talent. Services offered include The Jazz Hands Concert Series: a semi-annual concert series and performance platform for neurodivergent artists, The Jazz Hands Musicians Academy: an individualized post-secondary music education and vocational program that prepares aspiring musicians on the autism spectrum for careers in music and The Jazz Hands Junior Academy: in-home and virtual music lessons taught by RBT (Registered Behavior Technician), meaning trained musicians and graduates of the Jazz Hands Musicians Academy. Check out their Triumphant Celebration and get your tickets here: JHConcert21.eventbrite.com

Website: www.jazzhandsforautism.org

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