October 30, 2023

Small & Gutsy features Angel Flight West

Imagine you just heard the words, you have cancer or any other type of disease that needs treatment; I heard those words and my heart sank and my fear rose. However, I also knew that whatever medical care I needed would not be far away. I live in Los Angeles with some of the best medical care options; prior to that I lived in a suburb of Boston, also another amazing medical community. In fact, I often consult with an oncologist at The Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston while having my on the ground team, a combination from UCLA & Cedars here in LA- two teaching and phenomenal medical facilities treating my cancer with the most updated research and information. But, what if I weren’t so lucky…what if I lived in a rural area where access was limited or just not available…what could I do?

We all need medical care and many of us live in areas that are outside of catchment areas of great medical care…what choices do we have then? And what options do we have if we don’t have the financial means to take us to those far away medical facilities?

Transportation challenges create one of the most daunting barriers to healthcare—a barrier second only to the cost. Every day, Angel Flight West’s volunteer pilots fly people to their medical appointments at no cost to the passenger.

On the ground, Earth Angels drive passengers from the airport to the medical facility, also free of cost.

To learn more about volunteering or donating, check out their website: www.angelflightwest.org

Please reach out to me at lwittcoff@gmail.com with the name of any nonprofit or for-profit organization under $10 million in revenue with a social purpose or impact you'd like featured on Small & Gutsy

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