November 21, 2023

Small & Gutsy features Give Freely

What if you could financially support a nonprofit organization, doing what you personally believe contributes to making the world a better place, without actually spending even a dime? Sounds too good to be true, but this time it’s too good and very true! There is something in algorithmic data collection and internet savviness that makes even the most limited math student, me, understand the value of building a network of folks with shared values that frankly have the potential to become a movement.

Give Freely is that movement. Give Freely is a browser extension designed to connect consumers with sellers and that connection leads to a donation to a charity of the consumer’s choice…pretty darn creative to say the least; Give Freely transforms online shopping into acts of kindness. They find coupons and redirect commissions from purchases directly to the user's chosen charity, turning everyday buys into charitable actions. Give Freely’s mission is to generate as many donations to non-profit organizations as possible. They do this by leveraging the commissions that online stores pay them when users buy something at a partner site, as well as occasionally placing advertisements on sites that users may visit.

Give Freely is pioneering a movement for a more compassionate shopping future by blending shopping and giving (Frankly, two of my favorite activities, and for me, it makes shopping more enjoyable, knowing that it includes a charitable aspect) -They believe that everyday online errands can and should involve contributions to the communities the consumer cares about and this, of course, could lead to other everyday acts - they are just starting with shopping. Currently, they have over 10 thousand participating stores and a dozen or so influencers participating in and spreading Give Freely and, they have over a million nonprofits listed, Small & Gutsy is one of them.

Think about the old Amazon Smile but with significant improvements!!

To sign up and learn more, check out

Please reach out to me at with the name of any nonprofit or for-profit organization under $10 million in revenue with a social purpose or impact you'd like featured on Small & Gutsy

Check out this episode!

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