January 9, 2024

Small & Gutsy Features Mountain Hazelnuts

Episode #80, Parts I & I

When you think of sustainability what comes to mind? Is it protecting the environment, proactively and effectively managing the climate for future generations to enjoy vs. using up what we have and finding other planets in which to inhabit? - The old throw away concept and let someone else deal with it - those someone elses are our children and grandchildren.  Maybe it’s sustainability through community health efforts or education so we leave the world a better place as more people have greater needs.

Have you ever had the experience of seeing, observing something that doesn’t seem to be going well, it seems too complex to solve, but that something just keeps gnawing at you - making you wonder if there were a way to address multiple issues at the same time;  It could be in the sciences, the arts, the environment, agriculture, healthcare, your community - those I interview for Small & Gutsy have made huge contributions to these areas and have in fact changed the world - maybe, in their part of the world, but they are making a difference. 

One couple, two of my 3 guests today, are folks who saw a global market need and a sustainability opportunity within an existing complex system, agriculture, that could address multiple issues with a single solution that would build community while yielding greater economic sustainability. In this case, we call that a social enterprise and I imagine that depth, breadth of research and community relationship building including trust was the foundation of Mountain Hazelnuts.

Check out their website: www.mountainhazelnuts.com

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