July 10, 2024

Small & Gutsy Features Onward Industries

Armed with a 225,000 lb WWII- era wooden sailing craft, Greg Nichols, his wife, Nina and two kids, who actually live on this very unique and special vessel, serve as the catalyst in creating a  learning environment that alters individuals’ mindsets forever by exposing them to the beauty and magic of learning through nature & community. This creates a lasting impression that being part of something bigger than oneself only aids in contributing to our shared legacy of caring for our world and our community. I cannot think of a more important lesson and one where our future, literally, resides. We need to celebrate and honor these creatives who are giving their expertise in ways that inspire each of us to consider new ways of doing things, problem-solving, decision-making, repairing the world through the lens of learning and appreciation. The world feels fractured.


I’m going to let you digest what Onward says about itself:

When you do inspiring things in beautiful places with people that light you up, a palpable sense of possibility sneaks in. It’s like a crack in the walls of the maze we navigate in daily life. When you’re in a beautiful place, when the walls vanish, priorities rearrange themselves, reality seems clearer. On a mountain top or at sea under a quilt of stars, buzzing with connection and giddy from a day of play or purpose, you’re pretty tuned in. You get to talking with a new friend. Ideas pour out. Enthusiasm bubbles up. A new reality takes shape. That’s a powerful state.

What this translates to is:

Onward Industires is about setting the table for those experiences, and also about enabling the next step. they take creative and curious individauls outside by land and sea for objectively awesome breaks from the daily hustle–retreats, performances, immersive education, expeditions. Martin Buber would definitely be on board with this and might literally  jump on Onward’s vessel to be part of this experience.

Onward Industries are  big believers in storytelling and immersion as the foundation of powerful educational experiences. They use professional storytellers, inspirational scientists, and all the resources at their disposal to offer hands-on, immersive experiences for children utlizing ocean-based educational programming with top scientists, pirate experts, - yes, I did say pirate - we’ll learn about that in a moment, storytellers, and adventurers. 

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