December 13, 2022

Small & Gutsy interviews Teens4TeensHelp

My incredible guests today are a combination of parent and peer - incredible parents, Jeff and Kathy Long who saw their daughter suffering and felt helpfless to do something about it - although they tried everything and found that there were resources that were not accessible in one place or not accessible at all or if they were, they were adults sharing their professional and sometimes personal expertise with youth - they even wrote a book about their experience, A Parent's Guide to Anorexia. This significant gap they discovered became a precursor to the organization featured today… We know, Our youth listen to their peers, so they came up with an amazing online resource that they will talk about in detail today, Teens4Teens Help provides an array of resources and support that are driven by youth needs rather than by adults and yet, the site is supported by professionals and adults in the field and those with personal experience.

Their purpose is: to empower teens who are suffering from emotional and mental health issues to choose their own recovery.

One of the things I love most about their website, is their driving mantra:

We are a group of young people who faced serious mental health challenges. We chose recovery, you can too.​These are our stories…


Check out this episode!

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