September 26, 2023

Small & Gutsy is INTERVIEWED by Fully Alive

THE TABLES HAVE TURNED for this Episode!!

Fully Alive's Mary Meduna Gross interviewed me! I had the opportunity to share both about Small & Gutsy - its origins, and some personal details about my journey and a recent hiccup - Breast Cancer!

Here are some Episode Highlights:

How do you handle things when life throws difficult circumstances and challenges your way? In this episode, Laura Wittcoff shares her wisdom and insight to weather life's storms in the midst of making a positive impact and pursuing self-growth.

  • How are we showing up when in difficult circumstances
  • The possibility and good that comes from open mindfulness
  • Social impact, meaning and alignment of our work
  • Reciprocity of giving and appreciating others.

Mary is an executive wellbeing coach on a mission to empower conscious business founders to connect with their inner power so that their vibrancy will radiate positivity throughout their organizations.

Mary is engaging and fun and I encourage you to check out her podcast here and her website here.

Please reach out to me at with the name of any nonprofit or for-profit organization under $10 million in revenue with a social purpose or impact you'd like featured on Small & Gutsy

Check out this episode!

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