October 11, 2022

Small & Gutsy Unexpected Episode: Megan Witt Saved My Life

Ever wonder why people come into your lives at certain times? Ever wonder in hindsight, why you neglected to trust your gut or second guessed yourself? Well, this podcast, we hope will renew your faith in whatever it is that you believe..G-D, karma, luck, spirit or power animals, humanity, faith, signs, really amazing friends, the list is endless; I am here on Podcast 61 of Small & Gutsy to remind you that no matter how small or insignificant something may be, if it means something to you then it is BIG and you can be GUTSY about it. In my case, I was lucky! I had a super Gutsy friend who came into my life at just the right time and frankly, saved my life. Listen to her story and mine as we navigate the journey of Breast Cancer.

Please check out Katie Couric media for her podcast, Next Question with Katie Couric and her newsletter: Wake-up Call.  


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