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May 30, 2024
Small & Gutsy Features SAILS

If you’ve ever been pregnant or been in the process of adopting or engaging in a surrogacy, you know the milestones set for each month of that journey and the belief of trusting the process, medical and emotional, that everything will work out as it should, meaning you will have a beautiful little life to whom you will love, cherish, and tend forever; that amazing feeling of anticipation just before the arrival, making sure the nursery is set, all the loose ends are tied up…and that moment comes, and then, there is silence..utter silence. That is the experience of so many who have lost a child along that path, and so much harder and lonelier the closer you are to what should be the end of one journey and the beginning of your parental journey…this is just unnatural and unfair, and so, so very heartbreaking. Anderson Cooper does an episode on his podcast, Is This All There Is featuring a mother who experienced the Greatest Loss…beautifully shared and deeply painful to hear…

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