September 1, 2022

Small &. Gutsy Interviews The Lauder Employment Center (LEC)

Today’s episode highlights an incredible organization that is affiliated with JNF, Jewish National Fund, and yes, JNF doesn’t fit our criteria of being under 10 million dollars, but the affiliate organization, The Lauder Employment Center, known as the LEC certainly does - I chose to not only highlight them for this episode, but ask you to please consider a donation for my April 1st./April Fool's birthday  -

Their mission is to diversify economic opportunities in Israel by providing career services through employee partnerships, training, resources, career counseling and actual internships that often turn into jobs for folks choosing to move to either the Southern or Northern part of Israel in order to reduce the overcrowding in the typical larger cities known as the triangle cities. Their current effort is to support the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees fleeing; donations are needed! THANK YOU!

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